2048: Diamonds in the Rough (eBook)

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2048: Diamonds in the Rough eBook (ePub)

QUANTUM COMPUTERS IN COMBAT FOR THE WORLD! This book is the second in a series, picking up from the harrowing action within COVERT CATASTROPHE. Oakland Paramedic Jim Sanderson continues with the Navy Seals, his father Dr. Kepple, Physicist Judy and Justine, and his new bride Laura. Traveling beneath the world's oceans aboard a sentient, artificially intelligent submarine in the form of a 300-foot manta ray, they continue their quest to destroy a group of AQCs (Adiabatic Quantum Computers) networked into CERN and the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). New secret technologies of their own design along with improvised tactics are merged with Jim and Laura’s newly realized quantum entanglement. Each now linked to their personal quantum computers, they must destroy the AQCs before the LHC opens a portal into another dimension, an act designed to terraform planet Earth for a new race of beings hell-bent upon entering our world.